La casa Inn hotel always feeling proud to be a part of Charotar Region.

Situated in the heart of Milk city of India Anand, the only three star La casa Inn Hotel is the epitome of luxury and elegance where international & national business and leisure travelers are pampered with stylish comforts.

The fertile area with abundant water resources and green trees between rivers MAHI and VATRAK in Kheda District is known as ‘CHAROTAR’. People of Charotar are robust and hard working. Their outstanding quality is that they possess robust common sense and are down to earth people & very practical. They are generally bold, enterprising, informal and straight forward. Being capable and dynamic, they are quick to move with changing times and being warm-hearted, they easily make friends. In adversity one can be never get better friend than the one from Charotar. He can be difficult person too, if you cross swords with him and yet compromise with him is always possible since he is generally lion-hearted and tending to forget and forgive.

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